Accelerated MBA / Management

You’ll live and breathe business.
Accelerated MBA students in our Management program have the deep and multifaceted experience of earning their MBAs, participating in “professional practice” internship work, and receiving career guidance from an accomplished mentor. Professors, internship supervisors, mentors, and parents all say that the most extraordinary outcome is personal: the student’s life-changing transformation from fresh college graduate to maturing business professional in a brief 14 months.

Don’t be surprised if you’re hired sooner than you imagined.
The Accelerated MBA’s impact on your career will be immediate. A majority of students are employed within a few months of graduation in full-time positions on a path to fulfilling their career goals. Some are even hired by the company with which they interned, prior to graduation! The entire Assumption College community will be at your back as you progress through your academic and professional life—helping you to establish and advance your chosen career.

Accelerated MBA with Management Emphasis –
for students matriculating Summer 2017

MBA Foundations Courses (2 credits each)
All candidates are required to have satisfied the Foundations Course requirements either by taking the courses listed below or equivalents:
MBA 550 Foundations of Management (AC undergrad MGT 100)
MBA 551 Foundations of Marketing (AC undergrad MKT 101)
MBA 552 Foundations of Accounting (average of AC undergrad ACC 125 & 126)
MBA 553 Foundations of Finance (AC undergrad ECO 325)
MBA 554 Foundations of Economics (average of AC undergrad ECO 110 & 111)
MBA 555 Foundations of Statistics (AC undergrad ECO 115)
MBA 556 Foundations of Quantitative Methods (AC undergrad MGT 210 or MGT 230)

The Foundations Courses are in addition to the 36 credits required to complete the MBA degree. These requirements may be satisfied in the following ways:
(1) successful prior undergraduate performance (a grade B- or better),
(2) successful completion of the equivalent course at the undergraduate level as a post-graduate,
(3) a satisfactory score on a CLEP or Challenge Exam (see below), or
(4) successful completion of the courses (MBA 550-556) in the program.
The MBA Director or a designee will determine if any of the Foundations requirements will be waived based on the candidate’s prior education.

CLEP and Challenge Exams
Any student seeking waiver of a Foundations Course on the basis of a College Level Equivalency Program (CLEP) or Challenge Exam must have the results of such exam reported to the MBA Director before enrolling in any MBA course requiring the course as a prerequisite. Challenge Exams are administered by the Assumption faculty (Fee = $75).

Note: Assumption undergraduate students can apply to take 2 MBA courses during their senior year with permission of the MBA Director.

Course of Study (36 Credits)    
First Summer:        
MBA 750 Professional Practice & Mentoring (3 Saturday meetings plus online work) - 3 credits
MBA 600 Business Ethics - 3 credits
MBA 751 Professional Practicum I - 3 credits
MBA 602 Marketing Decision Analysis - 3 credits
MBA 603 Financial Decision Analysis - 3 credits
MBA 605 Accounting Decisions for Managers - 3 credits
MBA 753 Professional Practicum II OR MBA 727 Doing Business Internationally with Practicum in foreign country during the 2nd Summer - 3 credits   
MBA 601 Human & Organizational Behavior - 3 credits
MBA 604 Operations Decision Analysis - 3 credits
MBA 771* Corporate Social Responsibility - 3 credits
Second Summer:        
MBA 770* Ethical Leadership - 3 credits
MBA 800 Business Strategy - 3 credits

* Course # is pending approval

Please click here for a printable pdf of the course structure