Course Sequence

The part-time evening MBA consists of 36 credits (12 courses). It is open to students from any field of academic study. All students are required to have completed Foundation Courses. The Foundation Courses are in addition to the 36 credits required to complete the MBA degree. This requirement may be satisfied in a number of ways (see below). These courses may be waived for students with a business background.

MBA Foundation Courses (2 credits each)
All candidates are required to satisfy the Foundation Course requirements either by taking the courses listed below or their equivalents:

MBA550 - Foundations of Management
MBA551 - Foundations of Marketing
MBA552 - Foundations of Accounting
MBA553 - Foundations of Finance
MBA554 - Foundations of Economics
MBA555 - Foundations of Statistics
MBA556 - Foundations of Quantitative Methods
MBA557 - Foundations of Strategy  

These requirements may be satisfied on the basis of:
(1) successful prior undergraduate performance (a grade of B- or better),
(2) successful completion of equivalent foundational courses at the undergraduate level as a post-graduate, or
(3) a satisfactory score on a CLEP or Challenge Exam (see below), or
(4) successful completion of the courses (MBA550-557) in the MBA program.

The MBA Director or a designee will determine which, if any, of these Foundation Course requirements will be waived based on the candidate’s prior education.

CLEP and Challenge Exams: Any student seeking waiver of foundational courses on the basis of a CLEP or Challenge Exam must have the results of such exam reported to the MBA Director before enrolling in any MBA course requiring
the course as a prerequisite. Challenge exams are administered by the Assumption faculty (Fee - $75).

General MBA Requirements
The MBA program at Assumption consists of 12 courses (36 credit hours) of work at the graduate level (in addition to satisfying the Foundation Course requirements):

Functional Core (6 courses - 3 credits each)
MBA600 - Business Ethics
MBA601 - Human and Organizational Behavior
MBA602 - Marketing Strategy Development
MBA603 - Financial Strategy Development
MBA604 - Operations Strategy Development
MBA605 - Accounting Decisions for Managers

Electives (5 courses, or 6 if not required to take MBA 605 - 3 credits each)
Electives — from MBA700-999 (excluding MBA800)
As an option, four of these electives may be used to satisfy the requirements for a Concentration.

Integrative Experience - Capstone (1 course) (3 credits)
MBA800 - Business Strategy