Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies (C.A.G.S.)

A five course, 15 credit Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Rehabilitation Counseling is offered to students who have completed the 60 credit masters degree in Rehabilitation Counseling at Assumption College. For students who have completed a closely related graduate degree at another college, they may apply to the C.A.G.S. program. The course of study for applicants who do not hold a masters degree in Rehabilitation Counseling will require completion of 21-30 credits, or 7-10 courses depending on their previous graduate work. In all cases the C.A.G.S. course of study is developed in consultation with the graduate program director. Students enrolled in this program have an opportunity to develop an area of specialization that is related to their current work or future career goals. Students are typically enrolled in the C.A.G.S. program on a part-time basis, and have up to 7 years to complete their course of study. 

RCP500 Developmental Disabilities
RCP504 Rehabilitation of the Public Offender
RCP506 Rehabilitation of the Visually Impaired
RCP507 Alcohol Education—A Community Approach
RCP515 Administration and Management
RCP590 Advanced Seminar in Medical Rehabilitation
RCP605 Advanced Assessment and Appraisal
RCP611 Manpower Resources and the Economic Environment
RCP612 Career Development
RCP616 Supervisory Practices
RCP620 Advanced Seminar in Psychiatric Rehabilitation
RCP650 Advanced Group Work in Rehabilitation
RCP680 Personnel Supervision and Evaluation
RCP703 Advanced Research Seminar in Rehabilitation
RCP704 Program Evaluation
RCP705 Cognitive Development and Disturbance
RCP730 Principles of Psychotherapy