Faculty and Adjuncts

Debra S. Bolz
Adjunct, School Counseling, 2012
B.S., Worcester State University
M.A., Assumption College

Marta Carlson
Adjunct, School Counseling, 2008
Associate Director, Student Development and Counseling Center/Personal Counselor (1999)
B.A., Providence College
M.A., Lesley University
Ph.D., Syracuse University, 1998.
Phone 508-767-7275 / mcarlson@assumption.edu

Janice M. Chiappone
Adjunct, School Counseling, 2006
B.A., Stonehill College
M.A., Framingham State College
Ph.D., University of Maryland, 1984.

Lea F. Christo
Adjunct, School Counseling, 2013
B.A., St. Anselm's College
MSW, Boston College Graduate School of Social Work

Richard W. Cross
Adjunct, School Counseling, 2013
B. A., Thomas Aquinas College
M.A., Indiana University
Ph.D., Indiana University

Michael E. Donnelly
Adjunct, School Counseling, 2010
B. A., Wesleyan University
J. D., Suffolk University Law School

Paul Dufault
Practicum Coordinator
Adjunct, School Counseling, 2006
B.A., M.Ed., Worcester State College
M.A., Assumption College, 1977.
Phone 508-767-7091 / pdufault@assumption.edu

Calvin Hill
Adjunct, School Counseling Program, 2008
B.A., Bethany College
M.S., Emporia State University
Ph.D., Howard University, 2004.

Nga P. Huynh
Adjunct, School Counseling, 2009
B. A., Wellesley College
Ed. M., Harvard University
M. Ed., Boston College

Shanna O’Grady Frost
Adjunct, School Counseling, 2006
B.A., Framingham State College
M.A., Assumption College
C.A.G.S. in Counseling Psychology, Anna Maria College, 1980.

Keith Lahikainen
Assistant Professor, Human Services & Rehabilitation, 2008
B.A., Assumption College
M.S., Fitchburg State College
Psy.D., Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology, 2001.

Christopher J. Lopes
Adjunct, School Counseling, 2006
A.A., Dean Junior College
B.A., Clark University
M.S., C.A.G.S., Northeastern University
Ph.D., University of Rhode Island, 2005.

Scott M. Smith
Adjunct, School Counseling, 2013
B. S., James Madison University
M.A. in Counseling Psychology, Assumption College