Student I.D. and Parking

Student IDs are required of all students and may be obtained, free of charge, from Public Safety. Verification of class registration is required to obtain an ID card. Be sure to bring a copy of your class registration with you to Public Safety. For information call (508) 767-7225.

All vehicles brought onto the campus must be registered with Public Safety. Parking permits for graduate students may be obtained from Public Safety free of charge, with proof of course registration. You may stop by Public Safety anytime to get your permit.

PLEASE NOTE: Public Safety may impose a ban on parking in the event of severe snow conditions. The ban is announced on the College Snow Line (508) 767-7360, or by calling Public Safety at (508) 767-7226. During the ban, parking is allowed only in designated areas.

All fines incurred as a result of driving or parking violations are payable at the Business Office (Alumni Hall) within seven business days. Failure to pay fines may result in loss of driving and parking privileges on campus. Fines must be paid prior to eligibility for degree conferral.