Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I need to do first as an accepted student?
A: Please visit the Accepted Students webpage for detailed information and the Accepted Student Checklist to be completed prior to your first class.

Q: How much does it cost to attend courses?
Visit our Tuition Information webpage to find the current cost of tuition and fees.

Q: Am I eligible for Financial Aid and how do I apply?
Contact our financial aid office at or 508-767-7158. They will assist you with your financial aid questions. You may also find information on our Financial Aid Information webpage.

Q: How many courses do I need to take to be a full-time graduate student?
Assumption College considers graduate students enrolled in nine-credits or more, as full-time. Students taking less than nine-credits are considered part-time. 

Q: Where and how do I get my books?
 Visit the Assumption College Bookstore for information on your course books and options for purchasing them. 

Q: What do I need to know about parking on campus?
Parking spaces are available on campus, please see campus map. Be sure to obtain your parking permit and park in designated areas for your permit, otherwise you may receive a parking ticket from our Public Safety Department. Information about obtaining your parking permit can be found on our Student I.D. and Parking webpage.

Q: How do I get my student ID?
 Student IDs are available from the Public Safety Department. You can obtain your ID once you've registered for classes. Go to our Student I.D. and Parking webpage for more detailed information on obtaining your student ID.

Q: How do I get my student account information so I can logon to Houndmail, Brightspace and 
You must first deposit by the deposit deadline so that we may mail you your student account information to logon to Houndmail, Brightspace and You may make your deposit at Once there, navigate to the “Make a Payment” box and select the option “Graduate School App & Deposit”. The generic student ID that you may use while making the payment is 0100000.

Q: I cannot logon on to my Houndmail, Brightspace, or My.Assumption portal, what do I do?
 Please contact our ITHub for technical assistant at 508-767-7060. They will be glad to assist you. Be sure to have your student ID and student account information when you contact the ITHub. 

Q: Why do I need to complete the health immunization forms?
 Assumption College is required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to document immunization information for the following students: by 1) all full-time (including online) graduate students (full-time status is any graduate student enrolled in nine (9) credits or more in any one semester); 2) all full-time and part-time (including online) health science students; and 3) any full-time or part-time student who is on a student or other visa, including international students attending or visiting classes as part of a formal academic visitation or exchange program. Be sure that you are in compliance with this requirement. Non-compliant students will not be allowed to register for additional classes. You can find more detailed information on our Immunization & Health Insurance Requirements webpage.

Q: Why do I need to provide my health insurance information?
A: Massachusetts State Law requires that all graduate students enrolled in six (6) credits have minimal medical coverage and has placed an obligation on colleges, under penalty, to enforce this regulation. If you are currently covered under another health insurance plan, then you must complete and return the Health Insurance Waiver form. You can find more detailed information on our Immunization & Health Insurance Requirements webpage.

Q: Is there on-campus housing for graduate students?
A: Assumption College does not have the capacity to provide on-campus housing for graduate students.

Q: How and when do I register for classes?
Please visit the Registration and Payment webpage which will provide you with important registration information and links.

Q: Can I use the Plourde Recreation Center?
Graduate students can use the Plourde Recreation Center free of charge. In order to use the Center, you must visit the Public Safety Office with your student ID and proof of course registration. The Public Safety Office will grant you access to the Center until the end of the current academic year, which is July. Please note that graduate students must renew the Plourde Recreation Center access every August with the renewal of their parking pass.