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Worcester, New England’s Second Largest City

“From one end of the city’s 245-acre central core to the other, Worcester is attending to the 35,000 college students who study and live here, and its primary boulevards are steadily filling up with the civic amenities that attract new residents. They include a busy public transit hub, comfortable and affordable housing, new restaurants…, computer stores and coffee shops, a performing arts theater, biotech research facilities, incubators and office space for start-up companies, and renovated parks — including one alongside City Hall with an ice rink larger than the one in Rockefeller Center.”

-New York Times, Long a College Town, Worcester Now Looks the Part, Jan. 6, 2015

As New England’s second largest city, Worcester is an exciting metropolitan area in which to live, learn and explore. Recognized time and again with the All-America City Award, Worcester combines the opportunities and cultural amenities of a big city such as Boston or New York with the allure of an accessible and easily-navigable college town. A bus stop located on Assumption’s campus provides students with affordable and reliable public transportation, as well as a gateway to the heart of Worcester, one of America’s “10 most livable cities” according to Forbes.com.