Non-Matriculated Students (Special Students)

Prospective students who are considering an Assumption graduate program may take a maximum of two courses as a non-matriculated student while they complete their application or their evaluation of the program. To enroll as a non-matriculated student, complete the Non-matriculate Request Form, arrange for an interview with the director of the program and submit copies of your undergraduate transcripts. Non-matriculated students must complete their application for admission before registering for additional courses.

Admittance as a non-matriculated student to course work in the graduate program does not imply admittance to candidacy for an advanced degree.

Undergraduate students enrolled in graduate courses with appropriate permission will be considered as a non-matriculated student and will be subject to the normal limit of two courses before admission to any graduate program.

Students who are matriculated in programs at other institutions may register for MBA courses upon submission of a statement from such institution confirming their permission to take courses at Assumption College.