Transfer Credits

Graduate work completed at other institutions prior to acceptance as a degree candidate may be offered in partial fulfillment of the course requirements with the approval of the Program Director. No more than six credits may be considered for transfer. These credits should have been earned within seven years prior to the date on which the Assumption College graduate degree is officially conferred and have received a grade of B or higher. Students are to submit an official transcript of record to the Program Director when requesting approval of advanced credits. No transfer of credit will be approved until the student has completed twelve credits of graduate work at Assumption College. A student who receives advanced credit is not exempt from any part of the comprehensive examinations, if applicable.

Once admitted into the program, students must obtain the permission of the Program Director to take courses at another institution. The Program Director may grant a waiver of a required course if the following conditions are met:

  • If the student has taken an equivalent graduate course at another college or university within the past five years and has passed the course with a grade of B or higher, a waiver of a required course may be granted.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to demonstrate that a course taken elsewhere is, in fact, equivalent to the required Assumption College course (i.e., course description, syllabus).
  • The request for the waiver and/or transfer should be submitted to the advisor, who will formally submit the request to the Program Director for consideration. If the student requests transfer of credits, written approval of the advisor and Program Director are required. In some cases approval of the waiver or credit transfer may be dependent on the student’s completion of additional reading or the submission of a paper or other materials to ensure competencies have been successfully met.
  • An official transcript must be sent to the Program Director to complete the process of credit transfer. Candidates may apply to transfer a maximum of six graduate credits into their program if the above conditions are met.

If for any other reason a student requests a waiver of a course or required program components, the student must document in writing the reasons for the request and present the request to the advisor. The advisor will then take appropriate steps to submit the request to the appropriate faculty and the Program Director. In some cases, a waiver exam, oral or written, at the faculty member’s discretion, may be requested by the faculty member primarily responsible for teaching the course for which the waiver is sought.

Undergraduate courses are not construed as equivalent to graduate courses. In exceptional circumstances, if a student thinks that he or she has taken the equivalent of a graduate course, he or she may follow the appropriate procedure as outlined above. The student who is successful in obtaining a waiver for one or more courses must still complete the required number of course credit hours in order to obtain the graduate degree.