Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study (C.A.G.S.)

A 30-credit Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Applied Behavior Analysis is offered to students who have completed a Master’s Degree in behavior analysis, psychology, or education and wish to complete the BACB Verified Course Sequence courses. The C.A.G.S. consists of seven courses on applied behavior analysis (the BACB Verified Course Sequence), three practicum courses, and an integrative seminar in ABA.

Admissions Information

Candidates for the Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study should already hold a master’s degree in behavior analysis, psychology or education.  

Applicants Requirements

  • A completed application and application fee (fee waived for Assumption students or alumni/ae);
  • A Master of Arts or Science degree in behavior analysis, psychology or education;
  • Official transcript(s) of undergraduate and graduate records;
  • Three letters of recommendation. These letters must be academic or professional in nature, and therefore, should be from a professor who has taught the candidate for at least one course or from an individual who has supervised the candidate in a work setting. It is important that the letters are from people who can speak to the candidates' potential for successful graduate school studies and his or her academic ability;
  • A current resume;
  • A personal statement indicating your reason for interest in the field, an assessment of personal strengths and limitations, and foals for graduate study; and
  • A potential interview with the Program Director. Once the application is complete and forwarded to the program office, the ABA Program Director may contact the applicant to arrange an interview.


Seven courses*
ABA 500: Principles of Learning and Behavior Analysis
ABA 501: Measurement and Research Methods in Behavior Analysis
ABA 600: Behavioral and Functional Assessment
ABA 601: Behavior-Analytic Interventions I
ABA 602: Behavior-Analytic Interventions II
ABA 603: Ethical, Legal and Professional Topics in Behavior Analysis
ABA 804: Integrative Seminar in ABA

*Students may choose to take additional courses from among the following electives for additional credit:

  • ABA 503: Behavior Analysis and Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
  • ABA 604: Conceptual Foundations of Behavior Analysis
  • ABA 605: The Experimental Analysis of Behavior
  • PSY 502: Psychology of Development
  • SCP 545: Human Growth and Development through the Life Span
  • RCP 530: Introduction to Counseling Theory and Practice

Three Practicum courses:
ABA 700: Practicum in Applied Behavior Analysis I
ABA 701: Practicum in Applied Behavior Analysis II
ABA 702: Practicum in Applied Behavior Analysis III

Qualifying Examination

The qualifying exam is required for all students in the Applied Behavior Analysis M.A. and C.A.G.S. programs. The exam itself will be conducted in such a way as to maximize your opportunity to exhibit integration of the theoretical, basic, applied, and ethical principles learned across the curriculum. Students completing the optional thesis in ABA will complete a thesis defense in lieu of the qualifying exam.