About Aaron T. Beck

Dr. Aaron T. Beck has earned an international reputation as one of the founders of Cognitive Therapy, which is an active, structured approach that has been demonstrated to be highly effective in treating psychological conditions like depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol abuse, personality disorders, and relationship problems. Dr. Beck's pioneering work on depression profoundly altered the way this disorder is understood and treated. Dr. Beck and his colleagues systematically extended the initial work on depression to conditions as diverse as anxiety and phobias, personality disorders, drug and alcohol abuse, marital discord, and schizophrenia. Extensive research demonstrates that Cognitive Therapy provides an effective treatment for a variety of conditions that had largely been treated with medication.

Dr. Beck is University Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania. In 1995 Assumption College awarded him a Doctor of Humane Letters (Honorary) degree for his contributions to the development of Cognitive Therapy. The Institute was established in 1996 and enjoys Dr. Beck's active support and involvement. He has visited campus several times in recent years to lecture on Cognitive Therapy and to meet with the Clinical Counseling Psychology Program's faculty and graduate students.