Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes

The Measurement
Assumption College's Clinical Counseling Psychology Program evaluates its students' learning based upon assessments of four competency domains:

1. competence in developing an interpersonal relationship with clients and clinical supervisors
2. competence in clinical assessment
3. competence in implementing counseling interventions
4. ethical and professional conduct in relationships with clients and agency colleagues.

The Assessment
During Summer 2013, the Clinical Counseling Psychology Program collected data using these assessments to evaluate 116 students who completed their Practicum and Internships. This data was used to determine if students were meeting the four competencies as well as the degree of improvement. These students would be compared to the overall 355 students that have completed the program in the past 10 years. This information provided the Clinical Counseling Psychology Program with data about the significant changes in student performance across the decade.  

Agency supervisors of the student's Practicum and Internship sites were asked to rate each student's performance on 29 different counseling skills or competencies based upon the competency domains.  

The Goal
The goal of the Clinical Counseling Psychology faculty was for at least 80% of students to rate as "average" or better for three skill or competency domains. However, a higher goal of 95% was set for the domain of Ethical and Professional Conduct. A very high goal was set for this domain because the Clinical Counseling Psychology Program faculty expect that students will always adhere to the ethical and professional standards of the profession.

The results showed that Assumption College's Clinical Counseling Psychology students are surpassing the goal of 80% and excelling in their assessments conducted by their Practicum and Internship supervisors.  

The findings of this research proved that students are demonstrating high levels of counseling skills, competencies and that the Clinical Counseling Psychology Program is thoroughly preparing individuals to work as professionals in mental health settings.

To view the complete report please click here, Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes for the Clinical Counseling Psychology Program, Summer 2013