Faculty and Student New England Psychological Association (NEPA) Participation

Assumption College Faculty, Graduate Students, and Undergraduate Psychology Majors who participated in 2018 New England Psychological Association Meeting 
WPI, November 10, 2018


William Nall – Substance abuse and mental health in college students: Perspectives from research, clinical practice, and students

Panel Discussion

Lexie Ford-Clottey – Interested in graduate school? A panel discussion with graduate students

Poster Presentations

Teresa DiTommaso & Alison Stoner. Does being “gritty” aid in adjustment to college?

Alison Stoner, Jacquelyn Raferty-Helmer, & Teresa DiTommaso. Grit in action: Exploring the interrelationships between grit and coping styles in college students. 

Alexandra Orlandi, Paul Piwko, & Adam Volungis. Toward the quantification & optimization of impact of museum exhibits on mental health. 

Athena Oikonomou, Adriana Savage, Karen Lionello-DeNolf, & Joseph Malmbory. Fairness and inequity in cooperative tasks. 

Gabrielle Jasmin & Leamarie Gordon. Impact of stress on cognitive functioning. 

Paper Presentation

Lisa Mazzola, Jason Prior, Matthew Collin, William Nall, Leonard Doerfler. Association of anger with anxiety, depression, and alcohol-related problems in college students.