5-Year Combined BA/MBA Program for Assumption College Accounting Majors

Assumption has designed a combined BA/MBA program to enable our undergraduate accounting majors, who are likely CPA candidates, to begin their graduate studies during their senior year, satisfy the additional 30-hours requirement, and receive both a BA and MBA degree.

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Business Administration (BA) degree program, Accounting major, through the Assumption College's Continuing & Career Education (CCE) Division, are also eligible for this option [BA/MBA]. Continuing Education students should contact their advisor in the Center for further information.

To meet the needs of Assumption College senior accounting majors who wish to satisfy the 150 hours requirement, students may apply for acceptance into the MBA program during the spring semester of their junior year. In accordance with the policy outlined in the Assumption College Undergraduate Catalog, students must have an overall GPA of 2.75 and a GPA of 3.0 in their major to be considered for this program.

In the spring semester of their junior year, students must obtain the written permission of the Provost of the College and the Director of the MBA Program to enroll in graduate MBA courses. Candidates will formally apply to the program no later than November 1 of their senior year. Senior accounting majors, who are accepted into this program, may substitute two MBA courses for two free electives.

Assumption College undergraduate accounting majors will have satisfied the foundational course requirements in accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing and statistics through their undergraduate program, contingent upon having received adequate grades in these courses. Quantitative Methods is not a requirement for the undergraduate accounting major and will not be required for the BA/MBA program.