Accelerated Full-Time MBA with Professional Internship

Experience 14 Life-Changing Months
This is the full-time, accelerated MBA for recent college graduates who want immediate career results.
Earn your MBA directly after finishing your undergraduate degree, while still in the academic mindset, without first having to work in one or more jobs that may or may not be the right fit. You'll build professional work experience, practical expertise, foundational knowledge in all business competencies, an impressive academic and work resumé, and business and personal contacts that will contribute to your success—all in 14 months!

  • Accelerated MBA curriculum–36 credits in 14 months
  • Professional Internship
  • Experienced business executive serves as your personal mentor for networking, landing a first great job, and career advancement

There’s only so much you can learn from a textbook.
This MBA is the real world.

You’ll work in a professional internship under expert supervision in your field of choice. You’ll attend MBA classes with fellow classmates, in many cases sitting next to mid-career professionals who attend our evening program and enhance your understanding of how to apply your learning in the business world. All the while, you’ll receive guidance from an accomplished mentor who helps with the ins and outs of advancing your career.

Become a true leader who exemplifies ethical business practices.
Students are taught to become principled business managers who lead by example. Required study includes a substantial foundation in business ethics which reflects Assumption College’s mission to produce graduates who contribute to the common good.

Two Tracks:

Who Should Attend:

  • Recent college graduates in their early to mid twenties
  • Intellectually curious and professionally ambitious individuals with little or no practical experience
  • Those who possess the goals of launching a meaningful high-impact business career and becoming an ethical leader

General Program Attributes:

  • Course of study is integrative, interdisciplinary and utilizes diverse methods of understanding
  • Teaches key elements of the disciplines of business administration
  • Seeks to link the knowledge, skill and attitudes of recent college graduates to the field of management, and to increase their understanding of interdependent and multi-faceted issues faced by managers today
  • Explores the converging roles of leadership, global citizenship and design based thinking
  • Retains high intellectual standards using a non-traditional format while respecting the needs of young-adult learners
  • Consists of a collaborative educational environment in which participants, faculty and local organizational leaders join together to explore and learn through classes, colloquia, small learning groups, professional practicums and mentorship arrangements
  • Provides study opportunities that allow participants, individually and in groups, to gain knowledge and skills in areas of high personal and professional interest and to build a strong local network of professional relationships that are situated around those interests

Program Curriculum:

  • Students work in real business situations where they learn to solve practical day-to-day business challenges
  • Places high value on leadership and various ways of understanding problems and issues in the private, public and nonprofit sectors
  • Addresses the educational needs of beginning "early career" practitioners
  • Takes into account how culture, history, and politics are key factors in the economic environment of management
  • Takes into account how leaders encounter challenges that call for creating social value for society while maintaining a healthy bottom line
  • Takes into account how creative, critical and analytical thinking enhance the ability to solve problems in organizations in all sectors of society
  • Courses integrate interdisciplinary knowledge and thinking

Program Structure:

  • Full-time, cohort, 36 credits, 14 month program