Accelerated MBA / Management

You’ll live and breathe business.
Accelerated MBA students in our Management program have the deep and multifaceted experience of earning their MBAs, participating in “professional practice” internship work, and receiving career guidance from an accomplished mentor. Professors, internship supervisors, mentors, and parents all say that the most extraordinary outcome is personal: the student’s life-changing transformation from fresh college graduate to maturing business professional in a brief 14 months.

Don’t be surprised if you’re hired sooner than you imagined.
The Accelerated MBA’s impact on your career will be immediate. A majority of students are employed within a few months of graduation in full-time positions on a path to fulfilling their career goals. Some are even hired by the company with which they interned, prior to graduation! The entire Assumption College community will be at your back as you progress through your academic and professional life—helping you to establish and advance your chosen career.