Course Sequence

The part-time evening MBA consists of 48 credits (16 courses). It is open to students from any field of academic study. If you have a bachelor's degree in business, your MBA program will be 36 credit (12 courses) and you will be waived from taking the four foundation courses. 

MBA Foundation Courses (3 credits each) - waived if you have a bachelor's degree in business

MBA562 - Foundations of Marketing
MBA563 - Finance for Managers 
MBA564 - Decision Analytics 
MBA565 - Foundations of Accounting

MBA Functional Courses (3 credits each) 

MBA600 - Business Ethics
MBA601 - Human and Organizational Behavior
MBA602 - Marketing Strategy Development
MBA603 - Financial Strategy Development
MBA604 - Operations Strategy Development
MBA605 - Accounting Decisions for Managers

Electives (5 courses, or 6 if not required to take MBA 605 - 3 credits each)
Electives — from MBA700-999 (excluding MBA800)
As an option, four of these electives may be used to satisfy the requirements for a Concentration.

Integrative Experience - Capstone (1 course) (3 credits)
MBA800 - Business Strategy