MBA Admissions Information

An application is considered complete once the application and all supporting materials have been submitted. 


Application materials are accumulated in the Graduate Office until the application is complete.

Once an application is complete, it is reviewed by an Admissions Committee of MBA faculty, and a notification of their decision will be mailed to you.

While candidates are normally admitted on an unconditional basis, some may be admitted conditionally.

Special Student
While your application is in process, you may take a maximum of two courses as a special student. You must meet with the MBA Director, with your transcripts, to become a special student.

An interview is not required for admission to the program. However, we will be glad to meet with you to explore your credentials on a preliminary basis and to more fully explain the program and answer your questions. Call Eric Drouart, MBA Director at (508) 767-7457, or email for an appointment.

Waiver of Foundation Courses
With a bachelor's degree in business, your MBA program will be 36 credits (12 courses). You will be waived from taking the 4 foundation courses. 

Transfer of Graduate Credits
You may have a maximum of 2 courses (6 credits) from other accredited MBA programs transferred into the Assumption MBA program, provided the grades were B- or better. (Once admitted to the program, you may take MBA courses at another institution, with prior approval and subject to the 2 course maximum.)


A completed application includes the following documents:

  • Application Form: (submit online) and $30 fee - includes personal background, references, work experience and personal statement. Application fee is waived for Assumption College graduates.
  • Resume: Submit a typed resume covering all work experience (even if you have just graduated from college).
  • Personal Statement: Submit a typed personal statement indicating your reasons for pursuing your MBA at Assumption.
  • Transcripts: Official (not "Issued to Student") transcripts for all undergraduate academic work, together with any graduate level transcripts related to your admission to the MBA program (such as courses taken at another MBA program). Unrelated graduate transcripts are not required.
  • GMAT Scores: The GMAT is not required.
  • TOEFL Scores: The minimum accepted score for TOEFL is 540 paper, 200 computer and 79-80 internet and for IELTS is 6.0.
  • Recommendation Letters (3): Submit three recommendations from individuals in a position to assess your potential performance in an MBA program. At least one, and preferably more of these references, should be from former professors or other academics. Only letters that are academic or professional in nature will be considered. Recommendations may be submitted using the recommendation form.

References from friends, relatives, or peers/colleagues at work are generally not helpful to the Admissions Committee. Multiple references from the same employer are also discouraged.

If you are relying on work references because of the unavailability of academic references, anyone you ask to complete a reference should focus directly on your ability to meet the demands of a graduate program in business, and not merely report on your employment.

To check whether your application is complete, contact the Graduate Office, at (508) 767-7387, or via e-mail at


Completed applications are reviewed by a committee of MBA faculty using a variety of quantitative guidelines and subjective criteria. Our objective is to assess the candidate's ability to perform successfully in our program and become reflective of the quality of graduate we seek to produce. We carefully review all materials in a candidates application folder.

There is no single criteria or score which decides acceptance (or rejection) of a candidate. We recognize that not all students perform to their full potential as college freshmen, or may not "test well" on the standardized tests like the GMAT. We strive to sense the student's real potential.

Acceptance: Unconditional vs. Conditional
Candidates are usually admitted on an unconditional basis. In some situations, where an applicant's credentials (Undergraduate GPA, GMATs, reference letters) are not as strong as we would like to see, we may accept a student on a conditional basis, where there appears to be evidence that the student may have the potential for success in our MBA program.

While each application is handled on a case-by-case basis, an example of the conditions might be to achieve a grade of "B" or better on your first four MBA courses. If the conditions are acceptable to the candidate and are satisfied, the student's status will be changed to unconditional.

The student is primarily responsible for monitoring their progress toward satisfying the degree requirements of the program. The  MBA Director provides general academic advising for all MBA students. Advising discussions may cover topics such as course selection, sequencing of courses, possible concentrations, etc.

Matriculated students may request from the MBA Director an MBA Degree Audit Form detailing course credit received (or waived) to date and the remaining courses needed to satisfy the degree requirements. This Audit should be reviewed carefully, and any discrepancies reported promptly.

Students register during the scheduled registration dates prior to each semester. Class schedules for each semester are prepared, in part, based upon student responses to a survey to determine their preferred electives. See Registration Procedures for details. For receipt of payment of courses, please contact the Finance Office at 508-767-7471.