MBA in Healthcare Management

MBA in Healthcare Management

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The mission of the MBA in Healthcare Management is to provide the essential business administration knowledge and skills needed for today’s healthcare managers. Students will acquire an in-depth understanding of healthcare systems and the people they serve. The rigorous program will develop graduates who are well-prepared to lead within the complex 21st century healthcare industry. As a Catholic institution that promotes critical intelligence, thoughtful citizenship, and compassionate service, Assumption College is committed to improving the experience of healthcare quality, access, and outcomes for all.

The program equips students with:

  • Essential business knowledge and skills
  • A critical understanding of the healthcare environment 
  • Capacity for transformative leadership 
  • Communication and relationship competence
  • Development of their professional practice through scholarship and service


Our program will be guided and informed by our beliefs and commitments to:

Human Life – we recognize that human life is sacred and the dignity of each human person is essential. 
Healthcare Systems – we respect the interdependence of the healthcare system: patients, providers, payers, and the public.
Quality – we commit to healthcare quality framed by the Institute of Medicine as safe, effective, patient-centered, timely, efficient, and equitable.  
Professionalism – we are dedicated as thoughtful citizens to acting with mutual respect, integrity, and transparency for the common good.
Interdisciplinary Collaboration – we intentionally operate across disciplines thoughtfully and compassionately to design and deliver quality healthcare services. 

Two Professional/Graduate Tracks

We offer an 30 credit/10 course Certificate of Graduate Study (C.G.S.) for Healthcare Managers and a 54 credit/18 course Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Management. Both programs are offered FULLY ONLINE, however MBA courses can be taken on campus in a blended format. If you have a bachelor's degree in business, your Healthcare MBA program will be 42 credit/14 courses and your C.G.S. program would be 18 credits/6 courses. You will be waived from taking the four foundation courses. 
There are 4 foundation courses that are required for students enrolling in both the C.G.S and MBA programs who have not completed undergraduate business coursework. These 3 credit accelerated courses ensure student preparedness for the academic rigor of graduate level business education.

MBA562  Foundations of Marketing
MBA563  Finance for Managers 
MBA564  Decision Analytics 
MBA565  Foundations of Accounting

The C.G.S. includes 3 MBA courses in key business areas which represent the essential components of a business administration degree. These are combined with 3 Health Advocacy (HAP) courses, which provide the necessary depth of knowledge of the unique healthcare context. 

HAP 505    A Systems Approach to Delivering Health Care in America 
HAP 525    Critical Issues in Health Care Ethics  
HAP 600    Management and Supervision for Health Care Professionals 
MBA 602    Marketing Decision Analysis 
MBA 603    Financial Decision Analysis
MBA 605    Accounting Decisions for Managers

The MBA in Healthcare Management includes additional upper level HAP and MBA courses to advance key skill areas and understanding of leadership for quality outcomes within a healthcare context and a capstone course where learning is applied in a final comprehensive project. 

HAP 610    Research in an Evidence-Based Health Care Environment
HAP 630    An Interdisciplinary Approach to Health Policy Analysis 
MBA 718    Management Information Systems
MBA 721    Healthcare Project Management 
MBA 726    Organizational Development and Change 
MBA 800    Business Strategy Capstone
Must also take 2 non-profit electives (MBA 901 – MBA 907)