6 in 5 - Combined BA/MA Program for Assumption College Undergraduates

This program is designed for Assumption College students who are full-time undergraduate majors in the Department of Human Services and Rehabilitation Studies, who have demonstrated superior academic performance, and who are interested in pursuing a graduate degree in Rehabilitation Counseling. Students must have a recommendation by a faculty member of the Department of Human Services and Rehabilitation Studies. Acceptance into the 6 in 5 program allows students to begin taking graduate courses in their senior year. During the spring semester of the senior year, students must formally apply for acceptance into the graduate program.

Upon acceptance into the graduate program, students may continue their graduate coursework through the summer sessions and the following academic year. Upon successful completion of the academic and clinical requirements, students will be awarded a Master of Arts degree in Rehabilitation Counseling. This program allows outstanding students to complete six years of full-time academic work in five years.


RCP 502 - Rehabilitation Research and Program Evaluation
RCP 503 - Foundations of  the Rehabilitation Counseling Profession
RCP 505 - Introduction to Assessment and Appraisal of Individuals with Disabilities
RCP 530 - Introduction to Counseling Theory and Practice

RCP 512 - Occupational Analysis, Career Development and Job Placement
RCP 520 - Principles of Psychiatric Rehabilitation
RCP 510 - Introduction to Medical Rehabilitation
RCP 599 - Practicum & Seminar in Legal and Ethical Issues

- Graduation from Undergraduate program - enroll in Graduate program -

Summer I
RCP 525 - The Psychology of Disability Across the Life Span
RCP 631 - Cultural Competencies in Rehabilitation Counseling

Summer II
RCP 501 - Substance Abuse and Addictive Disorders in Rehabilitation
RCP 631 - Cultural Competencies in Rehabilitation Counseling (Continued)


RCP 514 - Private Sector and Forensic Rehabilitation
RCP 513 - Vocational Evaluation and Career Planning
RCP 619 - The Effective Use of  Technology in Rehabilitation Counseling Practice
RCP 698 - Internship and Internship Seminar I

RCP 550 - Principles of Family and Group Process
RCP 540 - Case Management and Rehabilitation Plan Development
RCP 630 - Advanced Counseling Practice
RCP 699 - Internship and Internship Seminar II
RCP 555 - Rehabilitation Program Portfolio Review and Evaluation