The M.A. in Rehabilitation Counseling Program

Master of Arts Course of Study

Rehabilitation Counseling Graduate Program: Mission

The mission of the Rehabilitation Counseling graduate program is to provide a full array of a sequenced and integrated course of professional study that addresses current and emerging professional issues, community needs and the needs of people with disabilities. Students will acquire the needed knowledge, competencies, values, and professional identity to provide individuals with significant disabilities with the assistance and opportunities they need to achieve high quality employment, independence living and active participation in their communities.

Learning Objectives:

  1. To educate students in counseling and rehabilitation principles and practices so that they can use these to assist persons with disabilities to maximize their employment and independent living potential.
  2. To educate students in the following core rehabilitation counselor practice domains: affective counseling, case management, community rehabilitation utilization, job development and placement, assessment, rehabilitation planning, vocational counseling, rehabilitation technology, rehabilitation research utilization, and ethical rehabilitation counselor practice.
  3. To provide students with a dynamic learning experience that promotes and reinforces personal and professional values that are reflected in the rehabilitation philosophy, including consumer-centered practice, informed choice and empowerment.
  4. To provide a supervised clinical experience that will prepare students to engage in effective rehabilitation counseling practice consistent with the Code of Professional Ethics for Rehabilitation Counselors.
  5. To provide a course of study that addresses current and emerging professional issues, community needs and the needs of people with disabilities.
  6. To prepare students to become nationally Certified Rehabilitation Counselors (CRC).

Length of Program
Full-time students can complete the on-campus graduate program in Rehabilitation Counseling in two years. Part-time on-campus students have up to seven years to complete the program. Students enrolled in the online graduate program complete the program over 8 semesters.

The graduate program is open to graduates of Bachelor’s Degree programs in rehabilitation, psychology, human services, and related disciplines who are interested in pursuing graduate study in rehabilitation counseling. The program is also designed for currently employed human service providers who would like to upgrade their academic credentials, augment their knowledge and skills, and enhance their career opportunities.

Full-Time or Part-Time Course of Study (60 credits)
This program is designed for students who wish to enroll in a traditional on-campus setting. Students attend small classes which meet on a weekly basis during the academic year. During two 6-week summer sessions classes meet two times per week. Students enrolled in this program are eligible to apply for traineeships, graduate assistantships and scholarship funding, when available. Upon successful completion of the academic and clinical requirements of this program students are eligible to sit for the Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) exam. Students are encouraged to take the CRC exam during their final academic semester.
Master of Arts Course of Study

ONLINE Part-Time Course of Study (60 Credits)
The online program is a Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP) accredited, 20-course, 60-credit program that can be completed over 8 semesters, in less than 3 years. Upon completion, students will be awarded a Master of Arts in Rehabilitation Counseling, and will be eligible to sit for the CRC exam.
ONLINE Program Course of Study

Accelerated Six-in-Five BA/MA program for Assumption College seniors:
This program is designed for Assumption College students who are full-time undergraduate majors in human services and rehabilitation studies, or a related major, who have demonstrated superior academic performance, and who are interested in pursuing a graduate degree in Rehabilitation Counseling. Students must be recommended for the program by a faculty member. Acceptance into the Six-in-Five program allows students to begin taking graduate courses in their senior year. During the spring semester of senior year, students must formally apply for acceptance into the graduate program.

Upon acceptance into the graduate program, students may continue their graduate coursework through the summer session and the following academic year. Upon successful completion of the academic and clinical requirements, students will be awarded a Master of Arts degree in Rehabilitation Counseling. This program allows outstanding students to complete six years of full-time academic work in five years.