Rehabilitation Services Administration Scholarship in Rehabilitation Counseling

The RSA Graduate Scholarship in Rehabilitation Counseling is funded through a grant by the United States Department of Education/Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) and administered by the Rehabilitation Counseling Program at Assumption College.  

A limited number of scholarships are available. Scholarships are awarded to full-time students based on consideration of several factors including financial need, academic standing, rehabilitation interest area, representation of an underserved population, and the availability of funds.

In 2016, in excess of $175,000 was awarded in tuition support to our students.

To qualify for the scholarship, a student must be:

  • a citizen or permanent resident of the United States. 
  • unconditionally accepted into the Master of Arts in Rehabilitation Counseling program at Assumption College.
  • enrolled full-time (NOTE: For the online program, full-time students are enrolled in TWO(2) courses for the first five semesters).

Application procedures for eligible students are as follows:

  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), listing the school code for Assumption as 002118. The FAFSA can be completed online at
  • Submit the RSA Scholarship Application  to the Rehabilitation Counseling Graduate Program Director, Dr. Nicholas Cioe.
    • All applications are reviewed and scholarships will be awarded by the RC Program Director and the Human Services and Rehabilitation Studies Chairperson.
    • Preferential selection is given to students who have already completed their first semester in the program.
  • Students are required to complete the “scholarship agreement” form before any scholarship funds can be applied to tuition.
  • Unclaimed awards are reassigned and alternate candidates are notified of their selection to receive a scholarship.

According to federal guidelines, individuals awarded financial support through long term training grants sponsored by the Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) of the Department of Education must review and sign an RSA Traineeship Agreement which includes an employment payback provision that requires recipients to work for a state/federal Vocational Rehabilitation agency or a related rehabilitation program after graduation or agree to repay the Federal Government for all traineeship funds received from this program with interest as stipulated by federal guidelines and/or the terms of the grant and/or within 10 years if other guidelines do not apply.

For more information please contact Dr. Nicholas Cioe at or (508) 767-7063.