Oral Exam - Capstone Experience

Information, Dates & Declaration Deadlines

The oral exam is required for all students in the Master’s degree School Counseling program. Students may take the exam after completing all course work or concurrent with the last semester of their course work. The questions have been selected based on this degree training program. Students will integrate knowledge and skill from all courses and experiences throughout their Master’s degree training. Questions are intentionally structured to require integration from all elements of training; thus, focusing on knowledge gleaned from one course or experience exclusively will not provide a comprehensive or exhaustive demonstration expected. To be considered for the exam, students must have submitted a complete Capstone Experience Request Form by the noted deadline for the semester intended to complete the exam.

Oral exams are scheduled during the fall semester and the spring semester. Oral exams are not given in the summer sessions. The student's oral examination committee will consist of two faculty members. The oral exam itself is a one-hour exam.

Oral exams carry the grade of pass, fail, or pass with distinction. The candidate's transcript, however, will only provide the information that the oral exam was completed and the date of the exam. If the candidate fails the oral exam, he/she will be given one (1) additional opportunity to demonstrate competence. Generally, the second exam is given no sooner than the next regularly scheduled oral exam period, unless additional course work is required.

Declaration of Intent to Take Oral Exams

Deadlines for forms are the first Friday of the Fall semester to sit for the Fall Administration and the first Friday of the Spring semester to sit for the Spring Administration. Please refer to the Assumption College Registrar’s Office for a current copy of the Academic Calendar.

To declare an intent to complete the oral exam, students must submit via email the Oral Exam Capstone Experience Request Form to express their intent to complete the oral examination. Please refer to this form and/or the assigned academic advisor for more information. Completed forms should be submitted to the School Counseling Office. Students should meet with their academic advisor to ensure all requirements are satisfied before submitting this formal email.

Exam Dates

Administration dates for the Spring 2017 will be Friday March 17th and Monday, March 20th
Administration dates for the Fall 2017 exam will be Friday, November 17th and Monday, November 20th