Registration FAQ’s

Q: Can I register a group of people at one time? 
A: No. Each attendee must complete a separate registration form using the link provided after the description of each workshop. There are separate workshop registrations for each event. The information gathered is important for multiple purposes, namely ensuring the number of attendees fits within the space we have reserved for the workshop; issuing the certificates of attendance; and compliance with requirements by the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC), who oversees the continuing education units we are able to provide through participation in each workshop.

Q: If I complete a registration form for each attendee individually, can I pay for multiple attendees at one time? 
A: Yes. We can accept bulk payments for multiple attendees. After completing the registration form, the registrant will receive an email with a receipt. Please provide a copy of the receipt along with the payment for each person 

Q: Will you accept day-of-walk-in attendees?
A: There are no guarantees. If there are seats available for that workshop, we may accept walk-in registration. Payment in full will be required at the door, no exceptions. It is recommended to contact the Director prior to the workshop date to inquire if there are seats available for the workshop if you are interested. Clicking the registration link will also provide you with current information – as long as the link is active, there are seats available. 

Q: Will you accept cash payment?
A: No. We are not able to process cash payments. Please choose one of the other available payment methods for our workshops. 

Q: I missed the payment due by date for the workshop. What are my options? 
A: Registrations that are not paid by the due date will be flagged and dropped from the roster to allow room for individuals on the wait-list. 

Q: I’m interested to attend a workshop, but the registration link says the registration is full. Is there a wait-list?
A: Yes. We have waitlists for each workshop.  You can add your name to the waitlist by contacting the Director of the program. You will know that we’re on a waitlist as the registration link will advise that we have met capacity for the program, and to contact the Director to be added to the waitlist. 

Q: Do I need to pay for the workshop immediately after completing the online registration? 
A: Yes, payment in full is required for participation in all workshops. Payment may be completed online or mailed in. See below for more details. Payments not received will result in the registration being cancelled for the workshop to allow space for a waitlist individual to join.

Q: What happens if I’m sick on the day of the workshop and can’t attend?
A:  Contact the Director immediately upon knowing you will no longer be able to attend. This may allow someone on the waitlist to attend instead.  You will be issued a credit for the workshop you are not able to attend, which can be applied to any other workshop during this years’ workshop series. Indicate which workshop you are interested to replace with and we’ll update our records.