Master of Arts in Special Education


The program is designed to build students’ awareness of how to maximize the development of each child in a variety of settings. It emphasizes the integration of theory, research, and practice.

The Master of Arts in Special Education program at Assumption College is a state-approved program preparing students for a career as teacher of students with mild to moderate disabilities, starting with the Massachusetts Initial and Professional Licensure exam for Teacher of Students with mild to moderate disabilities (Pre-K-8; 5-12). The competency-based program is founded upon the principles of effective instruction and the philosophy of inclusive education. The courses that comprise the program bridge the gap between theory and practice. Accordingly, students in the program develop a repertoire of instructional, diagnostic, consultative, and collaborative skills and strategies critical to the role. They also develop an understanding of the full continuum of services available to individuals with exceptionalities. For qualified students who seek Initial or Professional licensure as Teacher of Students with Moderate Disabilities at grade levels PreK-8 or 5-12, a field-based pre-practicum and practicum or performance assessment complements their progress through the program, providing the means by which they establish their competence as special educators in accordance with state licensure regulations.

We also recognize the importance of using technology and illustrate practical ways to harness it to improve teaching and learning for children and adolescents with diverse special needs.

The comprehensive program of study includes:

  • introductory-level courses that stress typical and atypical development of the school-age child, knowledge of individuals with exceptionalities, and the foundations of special education;
  • intermediate-level courses which develop and reinforce the knowledge, pedagogical strategies, and consultative skills essential to the role as teacher of students with moderate disabilities; and
  • a practicum in which students demonstrate their ability to integrate theory and practice effectively in the field.