Graduate Student Housing

Assumption College has been offering Graduate Student Housing since Fall 2017. Interested students can contact the Office of Residential Life at 508-767-7505.  Please see information below regarding a number of anticipated questions.

Who is eligible to receive housing and how is housing structured?

Graduate housing will be available for full-time unmarried students in the Aubuchon Townhouses. The Aubuchon Townhouses are six person apartments, three double rooms with a shared bathroom, living room and kitchen. Aubuchon will house 12 graduate students in double bedrooms. Due to the limited space, preference will be given to students currently enrolled in graduate courses (minimum of 8 credits) on a first come first serve basis. 

Is Graduate Student Housing guaranteed?

Graduate student housing is not guaranteed and is limited to 12 spaces in Aubuchon Hall for full-time graduate students enrolled in a minimum of 8 course credits.

If I apply for graduate student housing and do not get in, what are my options?

Graduate students who are not assigned housing will be placed on a waiting list. As spaces become vacant, the Office of Residential Life will contact you about your interest in moving onto campus. 

What is the cost of Graduate Student Housing?

Cost for Aubuchon is $4,147 per semester. Cost includes housing for one semester in a furnished apartment including electricity, water/hot water, cable, wireless and plug in internet,  use of a shared laundry facility (no additional fee but not located within the apartment) and heat.

What semesters are graduate students eligible to live in housing?

Graduate student housing is available for the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters while enrolled in minimum of eight credits at Assumption College. Students who attend part-time for the summer in either Summer 1 or Summer 2 or both would still be eligible to stay in the residence.

Are there any deposits required?

Yes, there is a non-refundable $400 housing deposit to secure you a space in Aubuchon, payable each year. If accepted into graduate housing this deposit will be due on July 13th. The Office of Residential Life will email you a link to pay the housing deposit online. There is also a $350 damage deposit that will be due prior to moving in. The damage deposit is credited back to your account less damages in the hall.

Can graduate students live with the opposite sex?

No, graduate students will be housed with other graduate students of the same gender within the same six person apartment.

Can married graduate students live on campus?

Only unmarried graduate students are eligible to live on campus.

Can graduate students children live on campus?

Children are not eligible to live on campus, enrolled graduate students are only eligible to live on campus.

Are graduate student subject to the same policies as undergraduate students?

Yes, graduate students are responsible to uphold all campus policies as outlined in the student handbook. Please view the current college handbook.

Due to limited available space how is housing granted?

Preference is given to currently enrolled graduate students with a minimum of 8 credits and will be assigned to a townhouse randomly.

How are roommates assigned?

Roommates are assigned randomly from the pool of students requesting graduate housing. Graduate students are eligible to request one roommate to live with provided that student is currently enrolled in a graduate program. Priority is not given to those who request roommates. 

What happens should my roommate leave housing?

When a student moves out of housing (graduating, transferring, withdrawing from classes) a new graduate student who had previously applied and is on our waiting list will be assigned to the vacant space.

Do graduate students living in Aubuchon have to move out for break periods (Winter, Spring and Easter Breaks)?

No, graduate students living in Aubuchon are able to remain in housing during breaks, if needed.

Are there meal plans available to be purchased?

Yes, while not required due to Aubuchon having kitchen facilities, there are a variety of optional meal plans available.  View dining options here

When will I find out if I have been selected to live in on campus housing?

Graduate students will learn about the status of their housing application no earlier than July 14th.

When can students move in?

Students can move in on August 26, 2018 between 9am and 2pm. Keys can be picked up at the Plourde Recreation Center.

Can I apply for a housing accommodation due to a medical or other need?

Yes, if you are interested in applying for a housing accommodation please contact the Office of Residential Life at 508-767-7505 or

If you are interested in living on campus beginning this fall, click here to fill out this brief application.