Patrick Mescall, MBA ’14

“It’s an MBA worth fighting evening traffic for.”

“I was always successful at getting things done, but the Assumption CollegeMBA helpedme think strategically of the business as a whole. Personally, I took great satisfaction and fulfillment from the experience. Professionally, I polished important skills, built confidence, and gained recognition from colleagues and management. There’s a real sense of community and collaboration: the classes are small and enthusiastic and the instructors are accessible and willing to help. It's also important that the curriculum and case studies are highly relevant to the real world of being a business manager. I was able to put my learning into practice immediately, and as part of the program, developed a specific initiative for my company that was well received and implemented by management. I live and work 45 minutes away—it was an MBA worth fighting evening traffic for.”

Patrick Mescall, MBA ’14
New Product Development Senior Sourcing Specialist
Tokyo Electron
Billerica, MA